PDO Thread Lift for Neck and Body (Nova Lift)

Golden Cosmetic Center offers cutting-edge techniques so that its patients can take beauty and safety hand in hand. That is why one of the most popular procedures today is the NovaLift, a non-invasive treatment that achieves instant results in less than an hour. NovaLift is an innovative treatment because it uses the body’s own collagen-forming capacity to its advantage. To do this, special threads are inserted through a syringe under the skin.

The threads stay in place while slowly dissolving over the course of 4-6 months. Meanwhile, the body produces collagen in the areas where the threads are, which remains once the threads dissolve.

Many people have already chosen NovaLift to enhance their appearance and restore that youthful glow they desire. Our specialists use various techniques depending on the needs of our patients, as we work in a personalized way. The NovaLift does not require a lot of recovery time and is an affordable procedure, especially compared to options like a facelift.

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