Teeth Whitening

Golden Cosmetic Center offers you the possibility of beautifying your smile through the whitening or teeth whitening procedure.

If your teeth have turned yellow, you are in the right place.
This is a fast, safe and non-invasive way that can be accessed by both women and men.

Golden Cosmetic Center offers a session of only one hour, applied by our professionals, using cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing a total improvement of the brightness and whiteness of your teeth.

The biggest benefit of whitening at our center is the significant color change in a short period of time. This process includes the carefully controlled use of a relatively high concentration peroxide gel, which our trained technician applies to the teeth after protecting the gums with a rubber dam.

Generally, the peroxide remains on the teeth for 15-20 minute intervals totaling (at most) one hour. It is advisable for those who have stubborn stains to return for one or more additional bleaching sessions.

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