Vi Peel Age-Defying

What is Vi Peel Age-Defying?

The VI Peel restores your skin from a cellular level. It improves the tone and clarity of the skin, minimizes pore size, addresses age spots and hyper-pigmentation, and softens lines and wrinkles. It also reduces or eliminates acne scars and stimulates the production of collagen resulting in more youthful skin.
Our patients have also opted to use the VI Peel in conjunction with injectable treatments to maximize their aesthetic result.

Benefits of Vi Peel

  • Reducing acne and surface acne scars: The VI Peel packs a one-two punch for those afflicted with acne, helping treat symptoms while lessening the scars it can leave behind.
  • Diminishing sun spots and hyperpigmentation: The synergistic blend of ingredients in the VI Peel is ideal for brightening skin, diminishing sunspots, and leaving the complexion with a refreshing glow.
  • Smoothing over fine lines and wrinkles: The combination of acids, antioxidants, and exfoliants penetrates skin deeply, causing, a resurfacing process that stimulates new cell production including collagen and elastin for a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance.

Post Care

In addition to resisting any urges to pick, peel, or even touch your face, aftercare is relatively easy and involves sticking to the post-care instructions you’ll receive after treatment, such as using sunscreen and moisturizer as instructed. Also, stay away from aggressive ingredients such as acids and retinols until given the all-clear by your practitioner, or you’ll risk harming your skin’s barrier function, which is vital for proper healing.

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